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We have a range of various services to help you with Facebook advertising, whether you are looking for a fresh pair of eyes to analyse your current campaign, or you need us to fully manage your entire Facebook paid advertising, we can help. 

So... What are Facebook Ads and why are they so good?

Okay so it’s easy for us to say Facebook ads are the best thing since sliced bread but let us give you a bit more insight. It was recently reported that less than 10% of business pages are using paid ads on Facebook, which means that a huge 90% (over 54 million) are not. This means there’s a massive opportunity to dominate Facebook ads for your market in your area.

Out of those 6 million businesses that already advertise, 62% fail with their ads, getting little or no return on their investment. 

HOWEVER; the Facebook platform is not the problem

Business owners are great at what they do, but we are certainly not going to try changing a radiator ourselves, or rewiring a fusebox for instance. We could probably Google it and bodge the job but we might not get a good weld on the pipes or we might have 2 bare wires right next to each other somewhere in the circuit. 

Advertising is the same. It’s possible to put an ad out there but it might not get the results you were expecting and there could be one or more of many reasons why this is happening. 

That’s where we come in

Facebook marketing can be seen as a machine with many cogs. These cogs include, but are not limited to:

  • Market research
  • Audience targeting
  • Ad media
  • Ad copy
  • Landing pages
  • Audience retargeting
  • Follow up flows

We love getting the cogs all fitting right, working as they should. It’s a beautiful thing and the leads just come flying in.


Audience Targeting

We use techniques that most other marketers do not use, to make sure that the audiences you’re targeting are not only the right audiences, but audiences that your competitors would not even think of targeting.

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Facebook ads service in peterborough customer logo

Marketing funnels done for you, by us.

Working with us means you need not worry about your marketing. We get a little information from you and run with it.

We write the copy, choose the media, monitor the performance, report back to you, follow up with your leads using email or messenger bot, and everything in between.

All you need to do is make sure you’re ready to convert the leads at the end of the funnel.

It’s as easy as that.

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Facebook ads in Peterborough review

Fill That Order Book

Our follow up sequences are designed to give you the best chance of closing as many leads as possible.

Our messenger bot sequences are on fire!

Email marketing is all but dead. People don’t read marketing emails anymore. You’ll be lucky to get a 10% open rate with emails but messenger broadcasting is often a 100% open rate. This is how a business should  be following up with their prospects.

Check out how effective the messenger bot sequences are, by visiting m.me/pleasedigital

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