7 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Advertising Right Now

Facebook advertising is insanely powerful because of what it leads to. Not only are you targeting the audience that you want to target, but you can begin to build up a list of people who clicked on your advert but didn’t take action, so that you can target them again and convince them even more that you are the authority in your niche.

1. Retargeting

So many businesses that use Facebook advertising are not taking advantage of this retargeting/follow up technique that they’re literally throwing money away. Retargeting is considered the most powerful growth technique that you can use for your business – its conversion rate smashes that of any other marketing tool and with the right setup, you could outperform all of your competitors when it comes to generating leads, which then turn into customers.

2. Visibility

One huge reason why you should be considering Facebook advertising is that ‘organic’ visibility is now pretty much a thing of the past. It is widely understood that only 1 in 200 of your Facebook page’s fans will actually see your posts organically. Facebook’s algorithms are now setup so that you see pictures of your friends’ children looking not very cute, or the dinner your second cousin had in a generic chain restaurant, rather than businesses’ posts, so all the work you’re doing on your Facebook page isn’t actually getting you very far. It’s so important to get your message out to those who could be buying from you and Facebook advertising really is the way to go.


3. Engagement

Facebook is also very clever in the way it groups people into ‘buckets’ (not very nice to think you’re in a bucket, I know, but you are). The buckets are groups of people who use Facebook in different ways. Some people click on and share absolutely everything, some people just like posts, some people comment on posts and some people tag their friends in posts. The benefit of knowing this is that you can then gear your advertising to one of those groups of people in orde to maximise the results your ads will get you.

4.Cost Effective

Imagine being able to get 250 qualified, warm, leads for £50. “Not possible!” I hear you shout. With Facebook ads, it’s very possible, but only if the ad copy is great, and the demographics are spot on. You can target people by location, marital status, age, salary, job title, specific interests, and so much more.

5. All your customers are on it

We all use Facebook and your potential customers do too. Make sure you get your brand in their minds while they’re on Facebook looking at the aforementioned pictures of less-than-cute kids of someone they haven’t seen since they left school 17 years ago.

6. Instant feedback

When creating an advert for media such as TV, newspapers, radio, or even Google Adwords, it isn’t immediately obvious what is working and what is not working and it would take a lot to change these ads. With Facebook ads, not only can you amend your advert at any time, you can see how many interactions an ad is having at any point in time. If you’re targeting an ad at different demographics, you’ll want to test which type of ad works best for them – only Facebook advertising is as maleable as this.

7. Tapping into the insitnctive desires of humankind

There are 8 specific desires that each and every one of us has, that are built into us and we cannot shake. These are:

  • Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension
  • Enjoyment of food and drink
  • Freedom from fear, danger and pain
  • Sexual companionship
  • Comfortable living conditions
  • To be superior, ahead of the game, keeping up with the Joneses
  • Care and protection of loved ones
  • Social approval

For instance: If you sell burglar alarms and you’re NOT tapping into at least two of the above (freedom of danger, protection of loved ones) then you’re really missing a trick. Selling the alleviation of fear might seem immoral but it really isn’t when you’re selling something that can genuinely help calm that fear.

Other techniques can be used here, too, such as making a mental movie with words in peoples’ minds, as I mentioned in a previous post.

These subconscious techniques can really make the difference with your advertising. Pleasedigital Media Solutions specialises in powerful ad campaigns for businesses of all sizes and we would love to help you out.

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