The Power of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is fast becoming the platform of choice for businesses to get their message out to their audience, but it is still a relatively fresh path for advertisers to go down. It is, at least, for smaller businesses, with only around 8% of businesses that have an active Facebook account actually using Facebook ads to their full potential. There are so many ‘ninja’ tactics that can be used to target your prospective clients and they  can deliver amazing results for very little ad spend. With the right advertising strategies and tactics, it is possible to get leads for less than ten pence per lead. How amazing is that? Ten leads for a pound!

Not only do most businesses use poorly planned and executed advertising strategies that don’t really achieve the objective they were created for, but they also fail to tap into the true desires of human nature. As humans, we are all biologically programmed with a set of desires and we can’t get away from them. An excellent example of this is the furniture company Sofology. Take a look at this fantastic advert:

How do you feel after watching that? I feel like I want to feel as comfortable as Owen Wilson in the ad and they want me to want to feel as comfortable as him. That’s because the desire for comfortable living conditions is built in to you, just like the colour of your eyes, or the fact that your hair is naturally curly or straight. After watching that ad, your sofa won’t feel as comfy anymore and you’ll definitely be considering your options. 

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This type of psychology is where advantages can be gained and there are dozens and dozens of techniques that can be used to draw the customer in. You like ice-cream, right? If you think all day about having 3 huge scoops of mint-choc-chip ice-cream after dinner, with steaming chocolate sauce drizzled over it and chopped nuts sprinkled on top, two delicious chocolate flakes, a wafer fan, and a gorgeous cherry to garnish, your desire to have that tonight is going to get stronger and stronger throughout the day. 

See what I did there? I conveyed a mental image to you and you’re now thinking about the best place you can get mint-choc-chip ice-cream from. We’re not only tapping into a desire to eat, but we’re making that desire stronger by painting the picture of it in your mind.

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